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Race and Equity Summit 2022

“Elevating Tough Conversations to Move Forward Together”


We believe not only in proactive dialogue, but implementing action to heal, inform and empower our marginalized communities. It is our goal to create and sustain equity for black and brown people within our three pillars of service:

racial justice, financial literacy, and wellness.

Our hope is that this summit will bring unity, understanding and resolve to these systemic issues that are so entrenched within our communities of color both on a local and national platform. To heal and break the mental and physical shackles of systematic oppression; we must start with the barriers closest to us. This begins with the Up From Slavery Initiative. This begins with Kitsap County fostering a collective dialogue to prepare now, for the solutions of tomorrow.


The Summit will include workshops, panel discussions,

networking, and a keynote presenter.

You will hear from community members, activists, City government, former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, and world renowned speaker, author, and researcher, Dr. Joy Degruy.

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Friday March 25th

Location: Marvin Williams Recreation Center 725 Park Ave. Bremerton, WA 98337


9:00 AM- Registration and Morning Refreshments


10:30 AM- Workshops:

Workforce: Advancing Racial Equity for Impact: concrete ideas to get to “work” in our workplaces.

We’ve talked about racial equity for a number of years with some organizations making noticeable advances in equitizing their workplaces yet so many more organizations are failing to launch - stalled in the planning, “intent” phase. Surprisingly what’s holding these organizations back isn’t often money or staffing but an unclear starting point, analysis paralysis or fear of doing the wrong thing. In this workshop we’ll talk about why now is the time to make racial equity a priority in the workplace and identify concrete ideas to move from intent to impact.

Presenter: Lucretia Robertson

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion · Kitsap Regional Library


Youth & Education: Community in the recovery plan!

This workshop is geared towards In and Out of School Time Professionals who center their work around children and youth.  Join Amanda and Fahren as they provide a real time lens and mirror with engaging tips, tools and resources on how school and community, through collaborative partnership can infuse Racial Equity, Continuous Improvement and Social Emotional Learning that support and foster student well-being.
-Lets talk about who young people see in their spaces.

-Lets talk about data that is not aimed to be punitive, but actually is used to build capacity and uncover gaps so that resources can get to them.

-Lets talk about Social Emotional Learning and how critical it is to the development of young people and those who serve them

Presenter: Amanda Scott Thomas

Director, Community Partnership · Tacoma Public Schools

Amanda Thomas.PNG

Presenter: Fahren Johnson

Director of Strategic Initiatives · Greentrike


Health & Wellness: Disparities in Healthcare. How to Advocate for Your Health.

Data shows that ethnic minority groups experience higher rates of illness across a broad range of health conditions due to a variety of factors including: poor access to care, differences in quality of care, lack of diversity in the workforce, and other systematic factors.

Are your health concerns being fully addressed? Are you your biggest advocate?

This workshop is for individuals and healthcare professionals. All participants can learn how to effectively support the process towards quality health and healing. Professionals will have the opportunity to see a different perspective that will help change or enhance the quality of care they provide. And patients can be empowered to speak up for their health.

Presenter: Dr. Lillian Lockett-Robertson

Medical Doctor · St. Joseph Medical Center-Tacoma


12:00 PM- Catered Lunch and Networking

12:45 PM - Panel Discussion: What is my role in advancing equity?

Moderated by:

Lucretia Robertson, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion · Kitsap Regional Library


Dr. Karen Bolton

School Board Director · Bremerton School District

Photo Karen Bolton.jpg

Alyson Rotter

School Board Director · Bremerton School District

Alyson Rotter2.jpg


Councilmember · Bremerton City Council


Jessica Guidry

Equity Program Manager · Kitsap Public Health


Tracy Flood

Judge · Bremerton Municipal Court

campaign photo.jpg

Drayton Jackson

School Board Director • Central Kitsap School District


Don’t miss Day Two!
It is
FREE and Open to the Public.


Saturday March 26th

Location: Bremerton High School Performing Arts Center 1500 13th St, Bremerton, WA 98337

Doors Open at 9:00 AM

10:00  AM - Welcome and Performance by:

Seattle based Spoken Word Artist Tia Nache’


10:15 AM - Panel Discussion: Addressing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement with Proactive Policing.

Moderated by:

Sharonda D. Amamilo

Superior Court Judge at Washington State · Thurston County

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Matt Brown

Chief of Police · Port Orchard Police Department


Tom Wolfe

Chief of Police · Bremerton Police Department


Joe Clark

Chief of Police · Bainbridge Island Police Department

Document (1).jfif

Carmen Best

Former Chief of Police · Seattle Police Department


Trey Kendall

Outreach Coordinator · Community Passageways


Rev. Dr. Frankie L. Coleman, Sr.

Pastor • Sinclair Missionary Baptist Church


Christopher Poulos

Director of Person-Centered Services

Executive Director of the Washington Statewide Reentry Council

Washington State Department of Corrections


11:30 AM- Lunch * Food Trucks On-Site ($) *

12:15 PM - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joy DeGruy.

Topic: Posttraumatic Slave Syndrome


2:15 PM - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joy DeGruy

Topic: Healing Begins with Telling the Truth

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