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Our Focus



Racial inequality and social injustice has reared it’s ugly head here in America and around the world. Though some in society feel racism doesn’t exist and that it ended when slavery was abolished, we clearly see blatant racism, discrimination, and bias in our media, in our leadership, and in our communities.


We are designing a program that will help train staff in law enforcement, schools, detention centers & prisons, churches, and other institutions on the history of black culture, which plays a major role in how individuals/groups interact and react to people of color in our society.

Training will address stereotypes, bias, fear, superiority, school to prison pipeline, police reform, and other components that divide our communities.

Tough conversations; but, extremely crucial to have in order to unite our communities, bring peace to those hurting, end violence, and teach others what true equality is.


One very important skill all adults should have is the ability to properly manage money. Financial literacy equips us with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective, prosperous individual. Without knowledge and skill, we make poor financial decisions and later suffer the consequences that sometimes unfortunately can follow us through our entire adulthood.


UFSI seeks to set a foundation for success for our youth.

Most families of color and other youth influencers only really mention employment and graduating from college as a means of income. But there is so much more to explore and learn. Though we encourage those avenues, we want to teach them about investments and business as well. UFSI wants to show them how to budget, save, and invest.

Though we would like to target the youth and young adults in our community, workshops and information sessions will be available to older adults. Information topics to be provided include: Credit Recovery, Home Ownership, Bankruptcy, Personal Loans, Financial Planning, and more.




The Black community battles with a high rate diabetes, heart disease, and mental health difficulties around depression and anxiety. Culturally, seeking help for such issues are discouraged due to high regard to privacy and proven resiliency among black individuals and families.  Mental health is a vital component of ones overall health and personal achievement. Black individuals and family  mental health disparities must be addressed in our community. It’s important to mention the lack of access heath care that is suitable and receptive to our ethnic group.

UFSI seeks to bring about awareness of the cultural differences surrounding mental health and how it impacts our interactions with those experiencing it. Also empowering youth and young adults to seek guidance and help for their concerns. Teaching them how to express and advocate for their specific needs around their situation.

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