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Working to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Washington State.

Developed from firsthand experience, the Up From Slavery Initiative offers marginalized youth and adults of color a Pathway to Freedom from the school-to-prison pipeline.


Fighting Racial Inequality and Social Injustice


Despite claims that racism ended with slavery, we still see blatant discrimination and bias in media, leadership, and communities. We craft programs to train schools, law enforcement, and other institutions on Black culture and history. These conversations, though tough, are crucial for uniting communities, addressing stereotypes, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline.  



Building Wealth By Planning Financial Futures 


Proper money management is essential to avoid lifelong financial mistakes. We help youth and adults navigate budgeting, saving, investments, and business—in addition to college and employment to help recover credit, promote home ownership, prevent bankruptcy, manage personal loans, and set up long-term financial planning. 


Addressing Mental Health Disparities 


The Black community battles with high rates of diabetes, heart disease, and mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. Yet, culturally, seeking help is often discouraged due to concerns about privacy or a show of strength and resilience among black individuals and families. We aim to raise awareness of mental health and empower youth to seek support and advocate for their needs.



Help build a better future for all. 

Make a difference by donating, volunteering, and advocating for real change in our communities. 

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