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Together, we can transform the system from within. 

Our Mission

The Up From Slavery Initiative was created to heal, inform, and empower our marginalized and underserved communities through racial justice, financial literacy, and wellness. Through this process we are making our brothers and sisters problems our problems, while solving them together.

Our Vision


Our vision is to build sustainable wealth and self-empowerment among the black and brown community. This initiative will create a pathway to freedom from financial confinement and debt, unhealthy mental and physical habits, racial oppression, and thoughts of inadequacy.

Our Board


Darryl Riley

Co-Founder & CEO


Darkeim Brown
Board President


Glenna Matteson
Chief Financial Officer


DeAndrea Williams


Stephanie Layson Executive Secretary


Kevin J Mitchell
Board Member


Teresa Jones PhD
Board Member


Brynn Felix
Board Member

Our Beliefs


We offer a voice to the unheard. We provide a guiding light for those lost in the darkness. We empower them to build their health and wealth so that they can speak for others.

For underserved black and brown youth in America, every day is a struggle to survive. Caught in a broken system, they give everything they have to simply keep themselves together. 

They want more out of life but can’t break free of the chains. The system doesn’t teach them how to put food on the table or keep the lights on. And they know there’s a bigger world out there, but it wasn’t created for them. 

We envision a world where race does not determine one’s destiny, where every individual has access to equal opportunity, and where justice reigns supreme. 

We will not rest until this vision becomes a reality. 



Help build a better future for all. 

Make a difference by donating, volunteering, and advocating for real change in our communities. 

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